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Le récent rapport annuel du département d’Etat américain a montré que des viols punitifs étaient commis contre les hommes  homosexuels et les lesbiennes au Zimbabwe.

Ces actions punitives ont pour objectif de transformer leur sexualité. Peu de victimes osent en parler à cause de la peur de stigmatisation. Ils et elles sont également forcés à se marier.

Le Président Mugabe considère que les homosexuels sont « pire que les porcs et les chiens ».

Voir article publié dans SW Radio Africa plus bas


‘Corrective rape’ against homosexuals on the rise in Zimbabwe

By Violet Gonda

April 8, 2010

SW Radio Africa news

An annual report by the US State Department on the human rights situation in Zimbabwe has revealed that ‘corrective rape’ against gay men and lesbians is on the increase.

Journalist Angus Shaw said the latest 50 page report compiled by the US Embassy in Harare gives emphasis to the harassment of the gay community, including revelations that there is now a practice in Zimbabwe called ‘corrective rape’, where some homosexuals are being raped ‘by those intending to convert their sexuality’.

Although persecution of gays and lesbians is on the increase, very few victims are prepared to speak publicly about the attacks because of the stigma surrounding the issue of homosexuality.

Shaw said the human rights report shows how through the guise of ‘corrective rape’ lesbian women are raped by men to ‘make them enjoy heterosexual acts’, while gay men are raped by women, sometimes, under supervision of villagers and relatives to ‘remove their sexual orientation tendencies’.

The journalist said the report shows how some homosexuals are forced to marry to encourage heterosexual conduct, while others are ‘taught the errors of their ways’ by being raped by family members.

The gay community has long been under siege in Zimbabwe and hate speech against this group is common. Robert Mugabe says homosexuality is ‘abhorrent’ and famously described homosexuals as “worse than dogs and pigs”.

Recently both the principals in the inclusive government, Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, publicly condemned the practice of homosexuality, with Mugabe adding that he would not allow any gay rights to find their way into the new constitution.



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